Q. Can I stay to watch practice?

YES, we have a terrific waiting/viewing area.  For safety reasons, visitors are asked to stay in the viewing area and off all equipment, pits and mats.


Q. When is tuition due?

Tuition is due by the 10th of every month. There is a late fee $10.00 for payments made after the 10th.

Q. How should I submit my payment?

You can  pay online, at the gym with cash, check or debit/credit card or sign up for automatic draft with your credit card or bank account through the Parent Portal.

Q. Is there a returned check fee?

Yes, it is $15 plus monthly tuition in CASH or your spot will not be held for that class.

Q. How far in advance should we notify TAG if we want to discontinue enrollment?

Please give us at least a ONE WEEK notice before the next month begins or your account will be billed for the following month.

Q. What is your make-up policy if I miss practice?

If a student misses a class, we prefer it be made up WITHIN that month. PLEASE CALL before coming so TAG can keep an 8:1 ratio for safety and proper instruction.   Make-up classes are not available for HOLIDAY closings.

Q. How will I know when my child advances?

We try to notify you as soon as possible if your child is ready for a new challenge. Communication Forms are available at the front desk for any changes regarding your child’s status in class. Regular evaluations occur every other month. Our goal is to have a positive, fun and challenging atmosphere that enhances a child’s growth, physically and mentally, while children progress to their potential. Evaluations last about 2 weeks. If your child is ready for a new challenge, you will be contacted via phone call, email or in person. For specific feedback, contact your child’s coach or email amiebutler@tiger-academy.com for assistance.

Q. Is food or drink allowed in the gym?

Please be responsible for the food and drink you bring into the gym. NO FOOD OR DRINK (other than water) IS ALLOWED PAST THE VIEWING AREA.

The safety of our gymnasts and coaches is our number one priority.   All visitors/spectators should remain in the viewing area.  No one is allowed on the gymnastics mats or equipment unless instructed by their coach.