Save the Date: April 18 & 19: TAG Invite

This event is open whether your gymnast is a 2 year old or in our Tiger 3 class! Due date for registration will be February 29th. If you’re interested, email or call 573-814-5000. Registration Forms available soon & will be handed out during class.

THANK YOU! Team Exhibition a Success!

We kicked off our competitive season for our Boys and Girls Team on 10/19/2019!  Thank you to the many friends and family members that cheered on our gymnasts!  We all enjoyed each other’s company, delicious dishes and goodies.  The donations from this event has gone towards a new mat!  Thank you!

Weather-related Closing Procedure

Tiger Academy of Gymnastics follows the Columbia Public Schools in regards to the decision to close due to inclement weather.  All morning classes will be cancelled, however, afternoon classes may continue.  The status of afternoon classes will be determined by 2:00 p.m. that day.  Updates can be easily found by following Tiger Academy @AcademyTiger, Facebook […]

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