Toddlers (2-5 yrs)

Tiger Academy of Gymnastics offers classes designed for energetic, bouncing toddlers ages 2 – 5.  First, a fun and animated warm-up get the children ready to jump, roll and swing through the three obstacle courses utilized throughout the class.  Obstacle courses include the quad bar where four bar stations along with four floor stations keep our cubs busy while working on their upper body strength!  The floor obstacle course works on various rolls, handstand & cartwheel stations along with balancing, hopping, crawling & many more creative ways to move.  Everyone’s favorite, the trampoline obstacle course, involves a 30 foot tumble track where kids learn various jumps and combinations to travel forward, backward & sideways.  More floor stations bring them back to the beginning.  The foam pit is always a hit too!  All of our good listeners who try their best earn two stamps at the end of class.  Enroll in a free trial today!

TAG Team

This class is for 2 year olds and their parent or guardian. Parents will assist their child in all the various activities in the gym. Children will explore all the fun things their bodies can do!

Tiny Tots & Tots

3, 4 and 5 year olds are introduced to the basics of gymnastics while working on motor skills, coordination, and balance. A fun, creative environment is a start to a positive gymnastics experience.

For the safety of the children and to enhance the learning experience, all classes maintain a 6-8:1 ratio (gymnast:coach). Registration is done through the Customer Portal on the homepage. Click on Create Account to get started or to view the class schedules, click on Class Schedule