Battle Club

battle club crestAre you ready?

Battle Club is an exciting program at Tiger Academy that has been developed to encourage kids 8 and up to have fun and exercise at the same time.

This hour-long, high-energy class is sure to be a hit with young boys and girls who need a fun alternative to sitting in front of a video game.

Club members bring their favorite blaster (that shoots Rival-type ammo) to play a variety of controlled battle games in our 13,500 sq ft gymnastics facility.  The course not only provides vigorous exercise, but also teaches kids important social and team-building skills that will benefit them everyday.  Accountability and the value of protecting one’s reputation are   among the fundamental lessons in every battle.

Our goal is to make Battle Club actually feel like a real-life Video game!  Better yet, the experience is in the highest definition possible…4D real life HD!

Need to get more exercise?  Looking for a fun way to spend quality time with your child?  Battle Club could be the answer.  Kids and parents can play together.  Parent participation is welcome if there is room in the class (16 max), but not required…all you need is a blaster and fun-loving attitude!

Battle Club meets from 7:45 to 8:45 pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Monthly tuition cost is $55 for one night per week or $90 for two nights weekly.  If your child wishes to bring a friend, non-club members may attend for $15 per class as long as the class is not full…16 kids is the max.

Battle Club membership is half price for athletes enrolled in gymnastics at Tiger Academy!



Here’s a list of required equipment and attire for Battle Club:

  1.  Any Blaster toy that shoots “Rival” ammo (the little yellow foam balls).
  2. We’ll supply all the ammo!  Come empty/Leave empty
  3. We supply the Safety glasses if needed
  4. Gym clothes that are a tighter fit.  Participants need to be able to feel it when they’re tagged with a ball.  Bulky sweatshirts or pants are not a good choice for Battle Club.  Ankle socks are not recommended…They tend to fall off  and get lost in the foam pit.  Shoes are not allowed in the gym…Bare feet are best for good traction on all surfaces.

All participants must provide a copy of the Waiver and Release of Liability Academy  signed by a parent or legal guardian 

For questions regarding Battle Club contact Craig Butler: