Booster Bulletin Board

Booster Club


To serve as a communication liaison between TAG Gym and TAG parents.


All TAG parents and athletes will have the information and confidence they need to support successful athletes and know where to find important information vital to their success.

Booster Members

Both of These Pages are Secured by Password Access Only.
You must obtain your password from the gym.

Booster Accounts

You have access via the handy link below to Gymnast’s accounts. You can view your child’s account for the current balance and see all the past transactions.

Gym Contacts

This is the complete Team Roster with parent names, telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses.

Thank You!

President: Stacy Silverwood

Vice President: Jen Cooper

Secretary: Brandi Daffron

Treasure: Megan Howser

Technology: Emma Walker

Hospitality: Amanda French, Misty McCoy, Laina O’Laughlin, Autumn Gwinner