“Believe” TAG Class Competition: Oct. 19-20, 2019

Everyone who loves Disney is going to LOVE this theme! Our class meet will be held October 19th &20th. This event is a great way for all gymnasts, big and small, to show case their skills and routines in front of friends and family!  Click on the links at the bottom for the Boys and Girls Class Routines.

Girls receive the custom leotard and boys, a custom shirt!

Sign up by September 21st!

Registration: Class Gymnast $70 & Preschool Gymnast $55

Want just a leotard or t-shirt?  Leo $45 & T shirt $15

If you want to practice the Boys and/or Girls routines at home, here the routines for all events and all levels:

Boys Routines

Girls Class Routines 2019